David Scarlett portrait

David Scarlett is a software engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. He has degrees in both computer science and engineering (mechatronics), and over 10 years of experience working primarily with C++ and Python, in a broad range of applications, including communications protocol design and implementation, hardware interaction, web application programming, image processing, and security. He tends to gravitate towards areas that present a challenge on account of their complexity, such as mathematical and scientific programming, cryptography and security-critical systems, and real-time multi-threaded systems. He has an unshakable addiction to online education and continuously seeks to expand his skillset through both this and independent study.

Outside of his professional work, he likes to step down from the comfort of third-generation programming languages, towards much lower-level creative mediums, and get his hands dirty with analogue electronic design, home renovations, welding, and the volunteer installation and maintenance of public rock-climbing infrastructure.